Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ramp Jamola

What to do on a Saturday afternoon? Oh wait I know head out to the lovely town of Livermore and watch a bunch of guys kill it on a mini ramp!! Mike and I met up and had a good old time at said jam at 6 Twentyone. Tons of cool people and a real positive over all vibe. Del the funky homosapien provided some rhymes and tossed some product. Brad McClain, Josh Mattson, Ryan Carpenter, Chris Jatoft, And Thomas Beeson to name a few got beasty on the ramp and tossed some sick tricks. Ron Allen put the "see I told you he can kill that" in M.C. And Bruce Rodella rounded it out with a vertical smile that could not be missed!! Good times like these really make me realize being involved in skating is the sweetness!


Monday, February 1, 2010

"What kind of board is that?"

Went out skating with Noah the other day and was workin a grass gap when a dad and his 2 boys rolled up. He asked if it was cool if he and his kids watched for a bit. Both Noah and said totally. A few tries later Noah put down this hardflip with authority. After a pound and some hefty grinnin Noah climbed up the gap and as he passed the kids they asked the question....Noah belted out with "Spinwrench, the best board company out there!" Feels good to represent.