Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ramp Jamola

What to do on a Saturday afternoon? Oh wait I know head out to the lovely town of Livermore and watch a bunch of guys kill it on a mini ramp!! Mike and I met up and had a good old time at said jam at 6 Twentyone. Tons of cool people and a real positive over all vibe. Del the funky homosapien provided some rhymes and tossed some product. Brad McClain, Josh Mattson, Ryan Carpenter, Chris Jatoft, And Thomas Beeson to name a few got beasty on the ramp and tossed some sick tricks. Ron Allen put the "see I told you he can kill that" in M.C. And Bruce Rodella rounded it out with a vertical smile that could not be missed!! Good times like these really make me realize being involved in skating is the sweetness!


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